Cassius / switch - the sound of violence / a bit patchy

Nicholas Ramos-- Middle School division
Keith Verdini--Middle School division
Deyvon Verdini--Elementary School division (3rd place)
Hashim Barnhill--Elementary School division (3rd place)

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In addition to the plethora of awards, Chance the Rapper  will receive the Humanitarian Award and New Edition  will be honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award.

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Little has been officially revealed about The LEGO Movie Sequel , but Phil Lord and Chris Miller wrote a draft of the script, with Raphael Bob-Waksberg ( BoJack Horseman ) doing a rewrite. No cast for the movie has been officially confirmed, but Chris Pratt and most of the other principal cast from the first movie are expected to return. With The LEGO Movie 2 finally filming soon, we should be hearing some concrete plot details in the relatively near future. Now the real question: Will Tegan and Sara come back to do another song as great as Everything is Awesome ? One can only hope.

Aside from voice acting , soundtrack , and parts of the story, Dust was designed and programmed entirely by Dodrill. A self-taught illustrator and animator , he had previously done artwork and cinematics on Epic Games ' Jazz Jackrabbit 2 , and was in the process of creating an independent animated film, Elysian Tail . [15] He assumed it would take three months to complete the game; it actually took over three-and-a-half years. [16] He originally envisioned the game as an 8-bit -style platformer, similar to earlier entries in the Castlevania series. Inspirations for the final game came from such titles as Metroid , Golden Axe , and Ys I & II , which Dodrill cites as his favorite games. [17]

Tweets come in via . The music is driven by Max/MSP and the solenoids are driven by an air compressor and an Arduino Uno .

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Cassius / Switch - The Sound Of Violence / A Bit PatchyCassius / Switch - The Sound Of Violence / A Bit PatchyCassius / Switch - The Sound Of Violence / A Bit PatchyCassius / Switch - The Sound Of Violence / A Bit Patchy

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