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Netflix rebooted “One Day at a Time.” Would you like to see a new “Partridge Family”?
I just wonder if “The Partridge Family” is a little too happy and wonderful these days. They’re not doing things like that anymore. They don’t believe it’s real.

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Tom Petty, the famed and beloved rocker behind hits like “American Girl” and “Free Fallin,” died in October following a cardiac arrest. He was 66.

For the recipe on this page I have allowed 45 minutes to one hour to cook the mallard, because I prefer game to be well cooked, but if you prefer it rare, cook it for 35-45 minutes.

Pheasant is the most widely available game bird. A hen will only serve two, but it is said to be more tender than a cock. Pheasant is at its most delicious simply roasted, but needs a good basting of butter or a coat of bacon because it has a tendency to be quite dry.

Partridges are smaller so you will need one per person. They have a mild flavour and need a rich gravy - below I have cooked them with poached pears. Some supermarkets are selling partridges boned and stuffed, making them easy to serve. Cook as directed and add pears to the roasting tin at the end.

Venison (deer meat) makes a rich casserole, and is one of those dishes that tastes even better made in advance and reheated. I have added chestnuts for an extra twist of flavour.

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Don Partridge - RosieDon Partridge - RosieDon Partridge - RosieDon Partridge - Rosie

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